Apple announces filmmaking and storytelling focused Summer 2014 Workshops for kids

Apple Summer 2014 Workshops (teaser 001)

Apple Retail is kicking off its annual free summer camps for kids eight to twelve years old. This time around, three-day workshops will center around filmmaking and interactive storytelling with apps like iMovie and iBooks Author on Macs and iPads.

Apple wants to educate youngsters on the basics of making movies and creating interactive books, complete with their own illustrations and sound effects. Each workshop, according to the firm, ends with the Apple Camp Showcase “so campers can share their finished projects”

“Bring a digital camera or digital video camera if you’re coming to the Stories in Motion with iMovie workshop,” advises a notice on Apple’s website. “If you don’t have your own, we can provide one.”

The “Stories in Motion with iMovie” workshop is focused on filmmaking skills. It spans topics that teach kids how to develop storyboard ideas, shoot video, create an original soundtrack in GarageBand on an iPad and edit their projects in iMovie on a Mac.

The “Interactive Storytelling with iBooks” workshop covers drawing illustrations on an iPad, providing sound effects and adding multitouch features using iBooks Author on a Mac.

Each workshop is about 90 minutes.

Registrations are now open on Apple’s U.S. and Canadian retail websites.

As for the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong and Japan, customers there can register their interest on Apple’s website to be emailed when Summer 2014 Workshops goes live in their countries.

Space is limited and each child is limited to no more than one workshop. Of course, kids must be accompanied by a parent or their legal guardian for the entire duration of each workshop.