Square Enix debuts Final Fantasy Agito announce trailer ahead of North American launch

final fantasy agito

Final Fantasy Agito, a new role-playing game (RPG) featuring lush 3D graphics and created specifically for smartphones and tablets, launched in Japan last month.

Ever since its Japanese debut, we’ve been hearing whispers about a possible USA debut. As it turns out, localizing all that content took longer than expected.

The good news is, work on the Western edition is now nearing completion. Today, Square Enix has indicated that the USA edition has inched closer to release by posting the official announcement trailer.

I’ve included the video along with latest tidbits right after the jump…

Directed by Hajime Tabata, the free-to-play title (with In-App Purchases) is set in the same universe as Final Fantasy Type-0 and takes place in Orience, a land divided between four nations in a state of near-constant war.

You play as a cadet named Agito who must prevent destruction of the world. Combats develop in real-time – so no turn-based.

A brand new storyline constantly evolves as you play the game. It’s comprised of several chapters, with each playing out in real time and changing based on the decisions you make.

Check out the announcement trailer.

Without revealing too much in terms of gameplay, Square Enix listed some of the headline features:

• In Final Fantasy Agito, players get to create a unique character with a variety of character customization options, including gender, facial features, hairstyles and more.

• Interact with other cadets at Akademeia, including major characters from Final Fantasy Type-0. The decisions you make here will affect the course of history in the game, which in turn will affect the worldwide player community.

• Head out on missions to raise your level, and find and craft your ultimate weapon. Confront powerful enemies in large-scale, cooperative battles involving the entire Final Fantasy Agito player population.

Final Fantasy Agito is coming to North America “soon” and we’ll make sure to keep you posted as the situation develops.