How to downgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1

iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1

Apple releases a new iOS version every year for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The public release is usually preceded by about three months of beta testing among developers, but shady UDID registration websites and other loopholes allow for regular users to install the pre-release software too. Then, like clockwork, a portion of those users encounters bugs, end up with a device stuck in recovery mode or simply want to downgrade to the previous iOS version.

First and foremost, we recommend staying away from pre-release software. I can certainly understand the excitement that surrounds updating to the latest iOS version, but betas are designed solely for developers to report bugs and test compatibility with their apps. But regardless of whether you’re an end user, or a registered developer, we’re here to help. Read ahead for step-by-step instructions on how to downgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1… 

How to go back to iOS 7.1.1 from iOS 8 beta

Step 1: Make sure that you’re running the latest iTunes 11.2.2 version.

Step 2: Download the iOS 7.1.1 firmware file (.ipsw) from our Downloads page.

iDB Downloads

Step 3: Power off your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8.

Step 4: Hold down the Home button.

Step 5: While still holding the Home button, connect the device to iTunes.

Step 6: iTunes will detect the iOS device in Recovery Mode. Click OK.

iTunes Recovery Mode

Step 7: Hold down Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) and click the Restore button.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.10.12 PM

Step 8: Click on the iOS 7.1.1 file you downloaded. Click Open. Then click Restore.

Step 9: Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will reboot with iOS 7.1.1 installed.

Step 10: Follow the on-screen steps to restore to an iOS 7 backup if you wish.


  • You will lose your iOS 8 data upon downgrading to iOS 7.1.1. You cannot restore to a backup from iOS 8. You can only restore to an iTunes or iCloud backup from iOS 7.
  • You can only downgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1. Apple has closed the signing window for any firmware below iOS 7.1.1, making it impossible to go back to iOS 7.0.6 or below.
  • If you are jailbroken and upgrade to iOS 8 beta, you will lose your jailbreak. As there is no publicly released jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1, you will be stuck on a non-jailbroken version upon downgrading.