MacBook Air Front

Apple just refreshed its MacBook Air lineup a few months ago with faster Haswell dual-core processors, so it is safe to assume that the notebook series will not be updated for at least another several months. But when the Cupertino-based company does eventually release the next generation of MacBook Airs, it is more than possible that the new models could be completely silentā€¦Ā 

Intel followed up on the WWDC keynote yesterday afternoon by revealing theĀ world’s first 14nm fanless mobile PC reference design. The 12.5-inch tablet prototype is built off the latest Broadwell processors by Intel, and the majority of designs based on this new chip will not have a cooling fan. This would allow for Apple to create a MacBook Air that is both razor-thin and sound free.

2 in 1 tablet prototype Intel Core M

Intel will make its energy-efficient Broadwell processors, marketed as Core M processors, available on the market later this year. Apple typically refreshes its MacBook Air lineup on an eight to twelve month cycle, so there is a chance that the processors could be included in the next-generation notebooks. Other benefits of the Core M processors include faster performance and longer battery life.

The full excerpt from the press releaseĀ (via The Verge):

James also revealed the world’s first 14nm fanless mobile PC reference design from Intel. The 2 in 1 is a 12.5-inch screen that is 7.2mm thin with keyboard detached and weighs 670 grams. It includes a media dock that provides additional cooling for a burst of performance. The innovative design is based on the first of Intel’s next-generation 14nm Broadwell processors that are purpose-built for 2 in 1s and will be in market later this year. Called the IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ M processor, it will deliver the most energy-efficient Intel Core processor in the company’s history1. The majority of designs based on this new chip are expected to be fanless and deliver both a lightning-fast tablet and a razor-thin laptop.