TeeVee 3 premiers: native iPad UI, iCloud/Trakt.tv sync, fullscreen iOS 7 layout and more

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (teaser 004)

Last summer I covered TeeVee, an elegant TV show-tracking app by Tomas Perzl of the Czech Republic and Slovakia-based CrazyApps Team.

I was sufficiently impressed with its clean and unobtrusive user interface and a robust set of capabilities designed to make it dead simple to retrieve useful information about your favorite TV shows, track the ones you’re watching on a regular basis and what not.

A year in the making, the new TeeVee 3 is now available in exchange for $2.99 (free to existing users). The app is now finally optimized for the iPad and refreshed with a brand new iOS 7-styled interface. It sports iCloud/Trakt.tv integration, delights with its beautifully done fullscreen browser that uses edge-to-edge poster images and much more.

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Originally released for the iPhone and iPad in 2011 and bumped to version 2.0 last year, this year’s edition of TeeVee finally brings its delightful and minimalist design to the iPad.Moreover, TeeVee 3 has been completely redesigned with iOS 7 design and technologies in mind.

Images look crisp, typeface is gorgeously precise and navigation feels natural, logical and iOS 7-like, especially with the familiar swiping gesture to move back a level on any screen.

And this is what the iPad interface looks like.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002, With Sidebar)
The iPad interface, including the sidebar.

If you’ve used a previous TeeVee version on your iPhone, you’ll feel right at home on an iPad. It works in portrait or landscape orientation and really takes advantage of the iPad’s bigger screen to present more information about TV shows, augmented by larger poster images.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001, Show Detail)
The Show Detail screen looks gorgeous on the iPad’s larger canvas.

You can use swiping to perform other actions, too. For example, to remove a TV show from your favorites, just swipe right. And to quickly see detailed information about an upcoming episode, swipe left. And to navigate through episodes, simply pull up/down for the next/previous episode.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (teaser 002, Homepage)

And in addition to searching, TeeVee 3 permits you to choose your favorite show/episode from the list of shows that are currently trending. In case you’ve been wondering, TeeVee 3 puts detailed information about more than 30,000 television shows at your fingertips.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 003, Without Sidebar)
The iPad UI without the sidebar.

On the iPhone, the redesign includes a gorgeous new fullscreen edge-to-edge homepage layout, with large show posters that you can swipe through them. This new fullscreen view is just a tap away and fully optional.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005, Homepage 001)TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005, Homepage 002)
Your main view.

TeeVee 3 also uses Background App Refresh, an iOS 7 technology allowing itto fetch new data when it’s not running, so it always shows up-to-date content the instant you switch to it.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001, Episodes)TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002, Info)TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004, Cast)
Episodes (left), Info (middle) and Cast (right).

There’s also an unwatched feature to manage all your episodes and shows you haven’t watched yet. And when your favorite show is about to air, TeeVee 3 supports push notifications to keep you in the loop. A nice touch: these alerts are delivered in your local time zone.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (teaser 003, Fullscreen)

TeeVee 3 is packed with a bunch of similarly thoughtful design choices that you’ll really come to appreciate as you spend more and more time in the app.

Here’s the official TeeVee 3 changelog:

• TeeVee is now universal. That means we have done some amazing UI for the iPad too. And don’t worry, everything is synced via iCloud across your devices.
• TeeVee is now looking more iOS 7-like – and is using more features from this amazing system. We’re now using background refresh, so your data in app are always up to date and ready to go.
• Brand new homepage fullscreen layout on iPhone. You can switch to this view using a button in the upper part of the homepage. It’s just gorgeous.
• Trakt.Tv sync. TeeVee now does support syncing with favorite service called Trakt.
• New navigation through episodes. Pull up/down for next/previous episode.
• Localizations. You can now use TeeVee in your native language. Currently translated to Czech, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, German, Slovak and more coming soon.
• Enhancements to the accuracy of the app and social sharing messages.
• Fixed all kinds of crashes. Let’s call us the bug fixing ninjas.

On a final note, TeeVee 3 syncs data between devices through iCloud.

As you’d expect, this is as seamless as iCloud sync gets: you don’t have to do anything aside from enabling iCloud, after which everything you do on one device gets automatically synchronized across all your other gadgets.

TeeVee 3.0 for iOS (teaser 001, Trakt)
Traktr integration in TeeVee 3.

Last but not least, you can now sync all TV show data, view counts, your ratings and more with the popular trakt.tv service. As shown above, it’s as easy as setting up your trakt.tv account in in-app settings and the app does the rest for you, automagically.

TeeVee is a tracking app so it goes without saying that you can’t really use it to actually stream the shows to your device.

You can find more information about TeeVee 3 at the official website.

This update is free to existing users.

Otherwise, TeeVee 3 is a $2.99 value in the App Store.

Again, the 9.6MB app is universal and will support any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that’s compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.

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