Auki 1.2 update adds new dark mode and additional features

Auki Dark Mode

The popular quick reply tweak Auki has been updated to version 1.2, and it brings some notable new features to the table. The big feature with version 1.2 is without a doubt the new dark mode, which is great when texting in low light conditions.

While it’s possible to toggle directly between dark and light mode via Auki’s settings, the tweak also features the ability to schedule when dark mode is enabled and disabled, which its designer, Surenix, subtly hinted to in this clever tweet.

But that’s not all of the new features that you should expect from the new Auki. The update includes a variety of bug fixes and a few subtle additions as well. Check out our video as we walk through Auki 1.2’s new features…

Auki 1.2 contains four notable features, and I already mentioned one of them—the new dark mode. The remaining three features that I’d like to discuss are pretty important in their own right.

Users can now mark a message as read by using a tap-and-hold gesture on the Cancel button found on the Auki quick reply interface. This makes it possible to remove a badge and mark a message as read even if you decide not to reply to the message. You can also choose to send a message as an SMS message by using a tap-and-hold gesture on the Auki interface’s Reply button.

Auki Preferences

Auki’s updated preferences

For those of you who want a way to invoke Auki’s quick compose feature, but aren’t too satisfied with the idea of assigning it to an Activator gesture, Auki 1.2 will make you happy. The tweak now includes a handy Flipswitch toggle that can be easily placed into Control Center.

Auki Flipswitch

Guess which toggle works with Auki?

Of course, there are additional fixes and features that you’ll find in Auki 1.2. The team comprised of Surenix and Bensge have obviously been hard at work stamping out bugs and providing some of the most requested features for its users. Here is an exhaustive list of all of the new items that you can expect to find in the latest Auki update:

  • New dark mode (with scheduling)!
  • New long hold on cancel button to mark as read
  • New long hold on reply button to reply as SMS
  • Support motion/parallax
  • Fixed high CPU usage bug (thanks Beta382 for providing us with a crash log)
  • Fixed picture messaging from not sending/delivering issue
  • Fixed crash on iOS < 7.0.3
  • Fixed keyboard bug
  • Fixed crash in attachment view
  • Fixed contact picture related issues
  • Compatibility with Coono
  • Improved Spanish translation
  • Added FlipSwitch toggle to activate compose
  • Added hardware keyboard support
  • Added language support for Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Slovakian, Turkish and Vietnamese (thanks to all our translators!)

Of all of Auki’s new features, I definitely like the new dark mode scheduling the best. It’s pretty awesome, and because the mode can be manually scheduled, you don’t have to worry about any location data overhead adding drain to your battery.

Auki Schedule Dark Mode

The new dark mode scheduler

Auki 1.2 is available for download right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you already own Auki, this is a free upgrade. If you haven’t purchased Auki as of yet, you can do so for $3.99.

What do you think about this latest update? How do you like the new dark mode? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our original walkthrough of Auki for more background information on the tweak.