République episode 2: Metamorphosis now available to purchase

Republique 1

Last December, we reviewed Republique, a new stealth game that really set the bar for the genre. Players followed the story of Hope as she tries to escape the oppressive and manipulative compound she has been imprisoned in. Moving from room to room, activating various cameras and turning off security features, players help Hope avoid detection as she plans her getaway.

Episode 2: Metamorphosis is now available for download as an in-app purchase. The story continues where the first episode, “Exordium” left off. Will Hope ever find justice and expose the corrupted government? With your help, maybe…

In the second installment of this exciting stealth game, players will be able to explore a new environment built to take full advantage of Apple’s latest device capabilities. There are three new puzzles created in collaboration with Blueprint 3D creator Kostya Stankevych. The game now includes a full-featured 3-D representational map of the locations within the episode.

Republique 2

In the first episode, players could rely on timing and movement to get Hope from one side of the room to another without being seen. In episode 2, guards are seen walking in random patterns and appear at random times, making it much more difficult to play Hope’s route.

Players are able to access the compound’s security cameras to see ahead and find out whether it is safe to send Hope into the next room. In episode 2, the look-ahead feature is enhanced with “OMNI Abilities,” which allow players to see through walls and keep an eye on guard routes.

By the time you reach the second episode, Hope will have picked up to main weapons, pepper spray and a taser. In the first episode, she can successfully use these weapons against guards that catch her. However, in episode two, the roaming Prizrak guard is specially armored, making it very difficult for Hope to get away from him. Instead of directly attacking an armored Prizrak guard, players must duck and hide in nearby bushes or behind curtains. With the added difficulty in escaping armored guards, Hope also has more places to hide. After all, the name of the game is stealth.

Republique 3

Please note that the previous version of Republique, version 2.0, has a glitch where season pass holders were unable to download the game for free. Before you tap the “Purchase Episode 2” button, be sure you have downloaded the update and have version 2.1 installed. Then, simply tap the Episode 2 button. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID password and then be prompted to download the game for free.

Republique is on sale for $2.99, normally priced at $4.99. It is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Episode 2: Metamorphosis is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99. Season pass holders can download the game for free.