Tony Hawk’s Shred Session hitting iOS this summer, here’s hands-on video

Tony Hawk Shred Session (iPhone screenshot 005)Tony Hawk Shred Session (iPhone screenshot 006)

In an interview with Larry King two months ago, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk announced he was working on a brand new skateboarding game for mobile devices that would utilize a swipe control system, but he refused to detail what it’d be about.

That mystery is now solved as TouchArcade got an exclusive hands-on preview of Tony Hawk’s Shred Session, a lane-based vertical runner coming to the iPhone and iPad this summer. We have a video, screenshots and a couple new pieces of information right after the break…

Because the game plays like an endless runner (think Subway Surfers and the like), on-screen controls are accessible to novice players as the game doesn’t require you to memorize complex combinations to perform combos. Instead, Shred Session tasks you to control your character using the familiar swipe gestures.

And here’s the hands-on video of the game, played by Tony Hawk himself, courtesy of TouchArcade editor-in-chief Eli Hodapp, via MacRumors.

Those are some really nice graphics for a mobile device!

In addition to the obligatory Survival mode where you combine tricks together for as long as you can, there’s also Shred Sessions mode where the player must complete a series of objectives. The game includes playable skateboarding characters like Chris Cole, Riley Hawk (Tony Hawk’s son) and of course Tony Hawk himself.

Tony Hawk Shred Session (iPhone screenshot 007)Tony Hawk Shred Session (iPhone screenshot 008)

I know what you must be thinking, ‘this is going to be a hell of a difficult game to control’ because – after all – it’s about skateboarding and challenging tricks, no?

According to Hodapp, it’ll be “super cool”:

How fluid it all goes together is actually super cool, as instead of just swiping to avoid objects and other junk in your way, you’re swiping to ollie off ramps, swiping some more to do various tricks, and landing to keep your score going.

Hopefully, all that dragging and swiping won’t get old fast.

The game will soft-launch soon in a limited set of international App Stores (New Zealand, Australia and Canada, I’d guess) before rolling out globally this summer.