Apple to raise prices on some international App Stores in the next 24 hours

iOS 7 (App Store teaser 004)

In the next 24 hours, Apple will be making a few changes to price tiers available to iOS developers as a result of fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

The adjustments will affect seven countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Israel, with most of the affected markets set to experience price hikes due to the weak local currency.

The firm has adjusted App Store prices a few times in the past and these changes are no different.

The company has informed registered iOS developers of the retail price changes via an email communiqué today…

To account for changes in foreign exchange rates, retail prices for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac applications on the App Store and Mac App Store will be increased for the following five currencies: the Australian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Turkish Lira and South African Rand.

There’s no word how much more customers in Australia, India, Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa will pay for mobile and desktop apps going forward.

Apple also said that retail prices for Israeli New Shekels and some price tiers for the New Zealand Dollar will be decreased. For those wondering, price tiers on the U.S. App Store won’t be changing come tomorrow.

The changes Apple outlined involve paid applications for both iOS and OS X.

“Price adjustments on the App Store are made periodically due to changes in foreign exchange rates,” explains Apple. “Within 24 hours, you will see the new Pricing Matrix in the Rights and Pricing section of Manage Your Apps on iTunes Connect.”

Indeed, Apple, indeed – the firm has changed retail prices several times in the past.

iTunes Connect is a web service developers use to manage their apps, upload their submissions to Apple, change screenshots and app descriptions and more.