Stitcher Radio for Podcasts 6 is out with complete redesign

stitcher 3

For folks who like to listen to podcasts on the go, there are a number of app choices out there. We’ve covered several of them over the years, including Apple’s native Podcast app, Instacast and Castro, and today we’re adding another one to the list: Stitcher Radio for Podcasts.

Now, the Stitcher Radio app obviously isn’t new, but it might as well be after this weekend’s 6.0 update. The client has been virtually rebuilt from the ground up with a new front page, simplified navigation and redesigned player controls. Keep reading for the full change log…

What’s New in Version 6.0.0

  • My front page – We’ve reimagined the front page as your personal audio feed. With new episodes from your favorites, recommendations based on your listening as well as headline news and trending stories, it lets you open Stitcher and instantly start listing to fresh, personalized content.
  • Simplified navigation – Access your playlists with a single swipe from anywhere in the app.
  • Redesigned player controls – New Mini Player lets you always see and control what’s playing. Swipe the Mini Player up to access the full Now Playing view, then swipe down to minimize. You can now access car mode and sleep timer via the Now Playing screen.
  • Last played – The new Mini Player automatically loads whatever you were playing last so you can jump right back in, right where you left off.
  • More past episodes – New Show Information pages let you access more past episodes than ever before – easily listen, share or save them to your Listen Later playlist.
  • Recommendations – Better recommendations, delivered to you on your Front Page as well as on individual Show pages – for example discover what listeners of This American Life also like to listen to.
  • Simplified playlists – Easier than ever to access, set for offline listening, and manage your favorite shows in playlists.
  • Designed for iOS 7 – Visually refreshed to take advantage of iOS7 design cues and technologically refreshed to leverage underlying iOS7 technologies.
  • Seamless refresh – Stitcher seamlessly refreshes and now lets you pull to refresh (swipe down) so you always have the latest episodes available.
  • Listen later – Easily add episodes from anywhere to your Listen Later playlist – from the Front Page, your playlists, and past episode lists. Even set it to download for listening to these episodes offline.

For a long time I’ve been using Apple’s native Podcast app. It may not have all of the features that others have, or as sharp of design, but it syncs with iTunes and gets the job done. I did, however grab the new Stitcher Radio app this weekend, and I must say I’m impressed.

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The app has all of the standard podcast options, but my favorite might be ‘My Front Page.’ It’s the first thing you see when you open Stitcher, and it offers up podcast suggestions based on news headlines. It seems like this would be a great way to keep up with current events.

If you’re interested, I recommend checking it out for yourself. You can grab the new Stitcher Radio for Podcasts from the App Store for free. And if you do, be sure to add iDB’s two podcasts: Let’s Talk iOS and Let’s Talk Jailbreak. You can find them via search, or here.