Apple launches new ‘Sharing Selfies’ section in the App Store

sharing selfies

Oxford Dictionary named ‘selfie’ its Word of the Year for 2013, and it’s not hard to see why. The act of taking a selfie—a photo taken of you, by you—has moved on from bathroom mirrors and is now at the Oscars and the red carpet of the Prince’s Trust Awards—you name it.

Perhaps looking to capitalize on the hype, Apple has launched a new section in its App Store specifically for apps that specialize in taking self portraits. Aptly named ‘Sharing Selfies,’ the section highlights various apps like Snapchat, Frontback, FaceTune and Selfie Cam…

The section, which was first spotted by Federico Viticci, only consists of 12 apps right now. There’s Snapchat, which I’m sure everyone is familiar with, Shots, which is the Justin Bieber-backed selfie app that used to be called Shots of Me, and the popular touch-up app FaceTune.

Then there are some apps listed that I had never heard of before, like Everyday and Samba. And for me, this is where curated sections shine—app discovery. I’m not necessarily in the market for a new selfie app at the moment, but if I was, I’ve now discovered a few to check out.

To see the section for yourself, click here. To view the pages of individual apps, simply click on one of the apps listed above.