Riot Runners races into the App Store

Riot Runner 4OK, so your Flappy Bird obsession has finally subsided. You’ve detoxed from the bird-themed simple game and no longer have an unquenchable desire to fly between two green pipes. Now what? How about another endless runner to get you hooked again?

Riot Runners is an endless runner game that will satisfy your craving for things that fly between pipes. Only these flying things are robotic-looking and the pipes are more like gears…

Riot Runner 5This steampunk inspired game gives players a chance to maneuver through treacherous caves filled with dangerous obstacles. Choose your hero and take flight, as you try to escape the evil overlords that have captured you.

Players can choose their hero from seven different robotic runners. Each one has a special power to help you collect the most coins, run the furthest, and get out alive. Some runners can jump high. Others can glide and jump. One robot collects coins to it like a magnet. Another is faster than the rest.

Visually, the game has a dark, atmospheric theme to it. The foreground shapes are all black. The robot runner is also shadowed in black. However, coins and bonus items will be highlighted in gold.

Riot Runner 6While you are running, collect gold coins and special power-ups to help you speed through the dark tunnels. Your evil overlord is always right on your heels, chasing you. If you slow down too much he may just catch up. Grab a rocket power up to get ahead of him. Or, fly as high as possible to stay out of his reach as he approaches.

The coins you collect can be used to unlock new robots, customize the color of the game, and buy upgrades for your robots. Upgrades include longer shield time, more coin drops, and more. When you customize the color of the game, the accents will all turn that color. For example, evil overlord’s eyes will turn blue, along with the saw, spikes, and other obstacles.

The game also includes daily missions that will earn you extra coins. Play every day to find out what you’ve won. There are 108 missions to complete.

Race Riot is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Are you “over” the whole endless runner genre? Or will you be adding Race Riot to your stash?