Catchr lets you find out if someone’s been snooping on your iPhone

Catchr 1Do you have a nosey mom? Is your significant other the jealous type and tends to read your text messages when you leave the room? Are you paranoid that the government has access to open apps on your iPhone?

Catchr is an app that monitors the activities that take place on your iPhone. If the device moves or if someone has opened an app, Catchr will know it and tell you. Now you’ll have proof if you think your mom is reading your emails when you are gone…


The app is simple. There isn’t much to it. Press the Start button to begin a recording session and then press the Stop button to end it. During the recording session, you will see a list of apps that have been opened and what time they were activated.

After you’ve started and stopped a couple of sessions, they will be available for reference in your log section. The log section shows the different recording sessions you’ve started and ended. They are listed chronologically with different days separated by the date.

Tap a specific log to access details of the session. See the start and end time of the recorded period, the duration of the recording, the number of apps started and terminated, and whether the device has been moved. There is also a map showing everywhere the device moved while the session was being recorded.

Catchr 3App Use

Before you can start a session, you should close all open apps. Catchr can’t monitor an app that has been started if it is already running in the background. You’ll need to clear the system in order to get it ready for a new recording session.

You should also put a lock on the app so that you are the only person that can open it. Catchr will ask you if you want to activate a four-digit passcode. When you activate it, the app will require the passcode every time you open it again.

When you are ready to go, tap the big green Start button to begin a session. You can leave it on all of the time, morning through night. Catchr will track the activity of your device. If you start a new app, move your iPhone, or terminate an app, the activity will be monitored.

When you want to stop the recording session, tap the red Stop button at the bottom of the screen. The session will then be sent to the log archive. You can see what activities have taken place while recording.

If you are watching TV with your date and run to the kitchen to pop some popcorn, you’ll know whether he or she is the type of person to invade your privacy. If Facebook, Whatsapp, Messages, email, or any other app is opened, you’ll know.

You’ll also know if someone has moved your iPhone. If you leave the room for a very short period of time and the suspected snooper didn’t have time to actually open an app, or couldn’t unlock your phone, you’ll still know if it was picked up.

While moving a phone is not exactly proof that someone is invading your privacy, it is enough to cause you to think twice about leaving it behind when you walk out of the room.

In addition to helping you catch snoopers in the act, the app also acts as a future deterrent. Once you tell the privacy invaders that you’ve caught them in the act, they will be much less likely to try to access your phone again because they will know you have a secret weapon against their prying eyes.

Catchr 2The Good

If you want to know if someone is looking at your emails, Facebook account, or any other app on your iPhone, you will know exactly what was opened and the exact time it was opened. It is perfect for catching snoopers in the act.

The Bad

Whenever you open the app, your music services stop playing. I tested it with the native music player, Spotify, Pandora, Musi, and Songza and every song stopped when I opened Catchr. The song does not begin again when you close the app either. You have to go back to the music app and press Play again.

The app is a bit of a battery eater, although not too bad. I kept it on for 17 hours straight for one session and it didn’t totally deplete my battery charge. However, I left it on overnight and lost about 20 percent within that eight-hour period.


Catchr is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time. At this price, it is worth it if you are worried about people reading your private messages and want to catch them doing it. However, for the full price of $2.99, in my opinion, it seems a bit steep for what you get. I guess it depends on how paranoid you are.


If you surround yourself with untrustworthy people, you may want to check this app out. It will give you peace-of-mind, but will also help you back up your accusation if the time comes that you must have “the talk” with your boyfriend or girlfriend about their jealous behavior. If you’ve got a lot of snoopy friends and family members, download it in the App Store today.

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I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of an app like this before.

Do you have snoopy friends? Will you use this app to try to catch them in the act?

The app’s developer, Nordlogic, generously offered us an extra code. If you think you’ll use Catchr, it’s all yours.Catchr Promo Code