Guy impersonates Apple Store employee, tells shoppers to go Android

Apple iPhone 5s 5c launch video (image 001)

A new prank is making rounds on the web as comedian and YouTuber Tyler Fischer impersonates an Apple Store employee at four different locations in New York City, telling unsuspecting customers to switch to Android because the iPhone is too pricey.

He can be also seen convincing customers that new iPhones are coming tomorrow and that the iPad has “400 megapixels” – megapixels, not megabytes – of RAM and “300 Skype units”

My favorite part: tomorrow, Apple will release “an iPhone 5Q, on Sunday they will come out with the iPhone 5CC, and the next Monday they’re coming out with the iPhone 5CQR”, which is just “slightly more advanced”.

Here it is.

I also love how a customer freaks out after Fischer approaches her to do a quick scan to see if she was eligible. “Eligible for what?!?,” the customer screamed repeatedly.

He even tells shoppers that Apple “created” polio.

I’ve posted it for the comedy value so chime in with your thoughts below.