How to control the Music app using gestures

Gesture Music Controls 02

Gesture Music Controls is a recently released jailbreak tweak from developer Pat Sluth. Its purpose is to allow you to control the stock Music app, and other music playing apps using gestures. These gestures can be used within the stock Music app, Lock screen, and from within the Control Center overlay.

Users can play and pause music, skip to the next song, go back to the previous song, and even share the now-playing track via social media. Have a look inside as we step through each of the features offered with Gesture Music Controls.

Once you install Gesture Music Controls, there are no options or anything else to configure. Although the tweak works with third-party music apps, it’s best to start out with the stock Music app, because the stock app features more functionality.

Within the stock Music app, you can use gesture based control to skip songs using a swipe on the song title. You can swipe up on the song title to open up the share sheet to post your now-playing song on social media. You can tap on a song title to play/pause the currently playing song. Lastly, you can tap and hold on a song title to bring up the star ratings feature.

With third-party apps, you have to rely on the Control Center and Lock screen controls. Each of the swipe gestures for the Lock screen and Control Center are exactly the same as they are in the stock Music app, sans the tap and hold gesture to use star ratings.

Resized Gesture Music Controls

Gesture Music Controls removes the buttons needed to use song scrubbing

Although Gesture Music Controls is a neat idea, I don’t like that it removes the ability to use music scrubbing while installed. In fact, it completely eliminates all of the transport control buttons with the idea that you’ll be using gestures full-time instead. It would have been nice if we could have had both.

Gesture Music Controls is not a tweak that I could see myself using on my daily driver, but I’m interested to hear what you think about it. Do you like the idea of using gestures to control your music? Do you think Gesture Music Controls is a well-implemented idea?

If you’d like to try the tweak, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for $0.99. And be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.