Pebble Profiles: suppress Pebble notifications while your iPhone is unlocked

Pebble Profiles Featured

If you’re a Pebble Smartwatch wearer, then you are probably already quite familiar with the device’s idiosyncrasies. As I stated in my review of the device, I like my Pebble, but it’s definitely got a few opportunities for improvement.

One of the more glaring issues is solved by a recently released jailbreak tweak dubbed Pebble Profiles. This tweak suppresses notifications on the Pebble when your iPhone is unlocked. The end result is a great reduction of duplicate, and hence redundant, notifications. Take a look at our video inside for a demonstration of how it works.

Once the tweak is installed, you’ll find a single kill switch toggle within its preferences. Enabling Pebble Profiles will suppress all incoming notifications from your phone whenever the device is unlocked and presumably in use.

When your device is locked, the notifications start flowing in again, because it’s presumed that you’re no longer using your device, i.e. your phone is in your pocket, you’re driving, etc.

Pebble Profiles is simple, but quite a handy utility for Pebble Smartwatch owners. For that reason, I highly recommend that you head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and give it a try today. Be sure to let me know how you liked it in the comments section.