Apple kicks off Back To School promo in Australia and New Zealand

Apple Back to School (Australia, screesnhot 001)

We’re still a few months away from the Back to School season in the United States, but over in Australia and New Zealand the new school year is looming so the iPhone maker’s annual promotion for students is in full swing, giving us a taste of what to expect this coming summer in the United States.

Apple’s Back to School promos are certainly more generous than their disappointing Black Friday discounts. Students in Australia and New Zealand can save with educational pricing and get a free $100/$50 iTunes gift card with a qualifying Mac/iPod or iPhone purchase.

The full breakdown is right past the jump…

Students who buy a new Mac (with the exception of the Mac mini and the new Mac Pro) will get an AU$100 or NZ$125 iTunes gift card. Those who opt for a new iPad or iPhone will instead get an AU$50 or NZ$65 gift card.

iTunes credits can be spent towards content and app purchases in the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore. The credits are not transferable and can only be redeemed in a regional iTunes store that issued them.

The program runs through March 20 and is available via phone orders, at Apple retail stores (Australia only) or through the company’s online store for education and is limited to university students, students accepted to a university, parents buying for university students, or faculty or staff members from any grade level.

Apple’s 2013 US Back to School promo also focused on education pricing on Macs and iOS devices and iTunes gift cards so it’s clearly becoming something of an annual tradition.