Sephora teaches Apple how promos are done right with notable iOS freebies


Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts promotion has come to a close today with Day12 gift: an extended play from the legendary English rock band The Rolling Stones. Judging by your comments, Apple’s gifts are – shall I put it politely? – lacking in many respects.

Now, of all companies, makeup retailer Sephora has launched a similar promotion in the United States through its free Sephora to Go iPhone and iPad application offering continually changing freebies such as apps, movies, songs, books and more.

Unlike Apple’s rather embarrassing gifts, Sephora is currently giving away an eight-song playlist for free, in addition to such notable programs as journaling software Day One, art creation app Silk and djay 2 for the iPhone and iPad, to name just a few…

According to Sephora (via Dan DeSilva), these freebies are available for a limited time and will rotate regularly.

At Sephora, we think sharing is beautiful. So discover and download our favorite songs, playlists, magazines, books, and apps — for free.

Our curated selections will be available for a limited time and will rotate regularly, so download the Sephora To Go app to get them all.

Day One and djay 2 normally retail for $4.99 each, so if you’ve been in the market for these apps go ahead and download Sephora to Go from the App Store and claim your downloads.

Like Apple’s app, tapping the Get it Free button in Sephora to Go will take you to the App Store where you’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID to proceed with download.

These are the currently running freebies:

  • Day One – normally $5, ends April 15
  • djay 2- normally $5, ends March 15
  • Silk: Interactive Generative Art – normally $3, ends January 15
  • A Beautiful Mess – normally $1, ends January 15
  • Sephora Shares Holiday Playlist – ends January 15

Note that the promotion is only available in the United States.

To our international readers: use a VPN service that connects you as a US resident and you should be able to download these gifts without sweating a beat.

Sephora to Go is available free in the App Store.