Biggest yet Infinity Blade III ‘Ausar Rising’ update launching next Thursday

Infinity Blade III (iPhone screenshot 004)

Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade is an elegiac masterpiece, an iOS exclusive and a system seller that showcases what’s possible on Apple’s iOS platform better than any other game. Unbelievable console-quality graphics, great soundtrack and atmosphere, complex weapons and upgrade system with RPG elements to keep you coming back for more all contribute to it being one of the best iPhone and iPad games money can buy.

The original game recently went free, as did the second installment which normally costs $6.99 and was yesterday named IGN’s Free Game of the Month. As for Infinity Blade III (a $6.99 download for the iPhone and iPad), the substantial Soul Hunter update from a month and a half ago brought us a bunch of new items and goals and an all-new quest that includes a new location and a new enemy, the Deathless Bloodmage.

But that was just warming up as Chair has announced that the upcoming Ausar Rising update will be even bigger. Due next week, the update will let you revisit the original Infinity Blade castle and explore the origins of the Infinity Blade protagonist.

More on that, plus a teaser video, right after the break…

From the blurb:

Infinity Blade III: Ausar Rising, available December 19, 2013, is a new, free content pack and the largest update ever for Infinity Blade.

It returns players to the original Infinity Blade castle, the Dark Citadel, adds a second dragon, includes two new modes (Deathless Quests and Survival Arena), has more than 60 new items including the return of the Winter Holiday Helms, new in-game chat feature, and much more.

Check out the trailer.

Chair says players will be able to earn the sixth Infinity weapon (Isa can obtain the final Infinity weapon, the Infinity Edge), master items beyond level 10 and right up to level 20, collect more than 60 items for Siris and Isa, along with new gems and some new skills and goals and more.


These include a new version of the All Elemental Defense gem (or the Rainbow Gem) and the Perfect Parry All Gem, with new skills including Master Looter (tap one gold bag in the world and collect all rewards in that area), Chip Booster (doubles the Chips earned in battle challenges), Free Gem Removal and more.

As for mastering items up to level 20:

Ausar Rising enables players to master items beyond level 10 and right up to level 20. Defeating the Worker in Deathless Mode once will unlock the ability to master items up to level 15.

Beat Deathless Mode five times and unlock the abilty to master items to level 20. Only the strongest warriors can wield such strong weapons, after all!

Next, Chair is introducing a MyMob feature to talk with your friends, leave notes about quests and urge for help in ClashMobs. You’ll be also able to earn new Holiday Helms.

The new Survival Arena will test your skills and give you a chance to earn new skills by challenging you to fight a series of progressively harder tests against a horde of Titans. Also new: the ultimate tests of skill, Deathless Mode. You’ll basically put your best items to use in this mode as all your unequipped items will be left behind at the Hideout.


Should you die, all equipped and won items will be dropped, prompting you to fight your way back to claim your loot. Chair says Deathless Mode is worth the effort due to some exclusive items. “Those who make it through Deathless Mode unlock the ability to master items beyond level 10,” the blog post reads.

Ausar the Vile – the Infinity Blade hero before he was Siris – will return in a bunch of new quests sporting several new enemies, including a pair of new Deathless. This update will also let you revisit the original Infinity Blade castle with several all-new environments.

Oh, I almost forgot – there will be the Second Dragon:

Once you’ve defeated the first dragon, Ba’el, you will be able to find a second dragon named Pisci. This new, persistent enemy will show up in a variety of locations, including new areas from Ausar Rising.

Do enough damage over time to this second Dragon and you’ll open up a new kill quest to take her down, finish her off, and claim her extremely rare treasure.

Ausar Rising is due next Thursday, December 19.

Also, folks who download the Ausar Rising update on December 19 will have a chance to score “an incredibly rare gem”.

The update will be free for those who’ve purchased Infinity Blade III, which retails for $6.99 in the App Store.