Infinity Blade II named IGN’s ‘Free Game of the Month’

infinity blade 2 ss

Good news gamers, IGN has named the popular Infinity Blade II title by Chair Entertainment its Free Game of the Month. This is one of the few times that the game, which normally retails for $6.99, has been made available at no cost.

Infinity Blade II was first announced in October of 2011, during Apple’s iPhone 4S event, and was later released on December 1 of that year. It’s powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 tech and has the same addictive gameplay as the original…


From the App Store description:

“The God King has been defeated, an unlikely hero has emerged and now you must discover the truth behind the secrets of the Infinity Blade. The continuing journey of young Siris unfolds as you delve deeper into the world of the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. Can you unlock all the mysteries and successfully wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless swordplay adventure of champions and villains?”

A few of the game’s standout features:

  • Explore beautiful and immersive environments that dynamically change over time during your travels
  • Choose from multiple classes of weapons, armor and spells, each with specialized capabilities such as Dual Wielding, Two-Handed and the standard Weapon & Shield class.
  • Create and forge even more powerful weapons with mystical objects you discover and collect along your journey
  • Jump into ClashMob, an innovative new gaming experience that allows you to earn rewards by participating in massively social, asynchronous global challenges

And finally, your customary video teaser:

If you’re still not convinced, it’s worth mentioning that Infinity Blade II received over 15 Perfect Scores and more than 20 Game of the Year Awards from accredited gaming publications. To get it for free, visit IGN’s promotional website.