Apple experimenting with custom landing page for Angry Birds Go! in the App Store

angry birds go banner

Last month, Apple began testing the app trailer waters by hosting a video clip on the App Store for the new game Clumsy Ninja. The embedded clip had no voiceover or custom App Store branding, and it’s the only one we’ve seen like this in the Store to date.

Now, it looks like Apple is running another experiment involving app and media discovery. We noticed this afternoon that it has given the new game Angry Birds Go! a custom landing page in the App Store with links to its related soundtrack and other apps…

To check it out for yourself, try tapping on the large Angry Birds banner in the ‘Featured’ section of the App Store. You’ll be taken to a landing page with a link to Angry Birds Go!, as well as a link to the Angry Birds Go! soundtrack in iTunes and related games.

angry birds go app

Selecting the music album will open up a splash page for the iTunes Store (you won’t be taken out of the App Store), where you can view a track list, preview songs, and of course buy them. You can also share the page, open iTunes or kill the page by hitting Cancel.

This news in itself isn’t significant, but the potential here is interesting. Think of how many movie-based apps and games there are in the App Store. Apple could link a game like The Amazing Spiderman, to the movie The Amazing Spiderman in iTunes, and vice versa.

Then again, this could also be a one-off, and Apple may not have any sort of bigger plan here. But the idea seems like a smart way to improve content discovery—which Apple struggles with—and is made all the more interesting by Apple’s recent Topsy purchase.