Flint adds in-app invoicing, Passbook coupons, card scanning and more

Flint 2.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Flint 2.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

Flint is a nice little mobile payment service that lets anyone easily accept and process credit cards on the go.

The service provides an interesting alternative to the likes of PayPal (which revamped its iOS app and just launched a digital gift cards shop) and Square (which just redesigned its credit card dongle).

Flint is cross-platform and fees start at just 1.95 percent.

Today, the company has refreshed its free iPhone application with notable new capabilities, like the ability to scan and redeem coupons using your iPhone’s built-in iSight camera. Flint Mobile version 2.0 also lets you create invoices within the app and supports loyalty coupons in the form of Passbook passes…

Flint Mobile does away with the concept of swiping that requires a separate credit card dongle (like the Square dongle). Instead, the app allows you to easily accept credit cards on your phone just by scanning them with your iPhone’s build-in iSight camera.

Flint 2.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

The Passbook thingie is cool: you can basically create, send and redeem digital coupons by scanning a QR code found on the Passbook item or in the email message.

Flint 2.0 accepts online credit card payments and lets you enter multiple transactions in one go – useful when you need to bill orders with multiple items, like in a restaurant.

The built-in invoicing allows sellers to easily issue receipts.

So, not only can you get paid via invoices online, the app also logs your cash and check transactions, meaning you can now see your sales just about anywhere, in real time.

Good-bye, cash register!

Here’s Flint Mobile 2.0 changelog

– Invoicing and accepting online credit card payments.
– Log cash or check sales and send receipts.
– Create, send and redeem coupons by QR Scan of Apple
Passbook or email.
– Multiple item transaction entry.
– Improved online merchant portal.
– UI enhancements & Bug fixes.

You can download Flint Mobile free from the App Store.

The download comes in at just nine megabytes and supports iOS 6.0 or later devices.