If Siri drove a car…

Steerly teaser 001

Forget Apple’s iOS in the Car initiative, or Siri Eyes Free, or even big name car makers rolling out support for iOS mirroring and other hands-free features that tap Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices – here comes the ultimate Siri-driven feature (yeah, pun intended).

Introducing Steeri, the world’s first driverless car app.

Put together by the Smart Department sketch comedy group, the video humorously depicts what Siri-powered driving might be like. The video is right after the jump so have a look and join us in comments…

Here is the clip, directed by John Dabrowski and nicely done in the style of Apple’s polished promotional videos. A pair of 36-year-old filmmakers from the United States, Mark Odlum and Ryan Sullivan, play Apple’s executives, by the way.

Now, imagine this combined with Apple Maps.

“We kept hearing about this Google ‘Driverless Car,’ right around the time Siri was becoming popular, and John happened to go for a ride in his friend’s new car,” Odlum told AllThingsD.

“They decided to test out the fancy voice-activated navigation system,” he added. “It didn’t work, and immediately tried to send them to Iceland — no kidding”.

I like how they pitch Steeri as Apple’s answer to the Google driverless car project.

I also imagine Google Chairman Eric Schmidt would beg to differ.

Who’s ready to drive their car with an iPhone?