PDF Wordsmith turns your PDFs into Word documents

PDF Wordsmith 3If you have ever tried to convert a PDF to a different type of file, like a .doc, for example, you know what a pain it is to successfully get all of the letters, graphs, and markups to show up correctly. Sure, you can turn just about anything into a PDF, but reversing the operation is another story.

PDF Wordsmith takes those pesky locked up PDFs and turns them into readable, editable, useful Word documents with a simple tap. Easily export them to another application and have full use of your new document…

With just a few swipes of your finger, PDF files can be easily converted into Word documents. All you have to do is select a cloud service, like Google Drive, Box, WebDAV, Evernote or Dropbox. You can even import files over Wi-Fi or through the in-app browser. Then, add the files that you wish to convert.

The PDF will be reproduced as a Word document with the same layout as the original, including text, graphs, and more. This app supports multilingual conversion, so you can convert PDF text from any language.

PDF Wordsmith 2Select the range of pages you wish to convert by dragging your finger across the selection bar. You can also scroll through the document and select or deselect individual pages. If you wish to convert a magazine article, but don’t want the full-page advertisements included, use the selection bar to designate the range, and then deselect the pages you don’t want to convert. You can preview the file before converting it by scrolling through individual pages, or by viewing multiple pages at the same time.

This app lets you convert all major PDF formats from version 1.0 to 10.7. You can even convert password-protected files if you have the password.

PDF Wordsmith 1When you are ready to export your newly converted Word document, use the same cloud-based services that are used to import. Plus, you can send files directly to another iOS device through AirDrop.

PDF Wordsmith is available on the iPad for $6.99. Hopefully, the developer will consider making this app universal in the future. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you have a need to convert PDF files to Word documents? What do you think of the PDF Wordsmith app?