Apple highlights various ways people use iPad in new ‘Life on iPad’ webpage

life on ipad 1

Apple has added a new webpage to its website entitled “Life on iPad.” The page is dedicated to showing the various ways people are using the popular tablet, and as of right now, it features stories on how 6 people use it in their day-to-day lives.

One of the stories talks about how champion speed skater Bridie Farrell uses the iPad to review practice and race videos as she prepares for the Olympics, and another shows how Siemens Energy-Wind Service technicians use the device at work…

life on ipad 2

The entire page, first spotted by The Verge, definitely has a ‘hero’ vibe. One of the stories demonstrates how the iPad is changing the way that Dr. Itaru Endo and others are performing surgery using augmented reality apps to overlay information.

“Using iPad apps during surgery has gained popularity in the medical community for saving lives and also for saving money. “Augmented reality and other features of the app can replace equipment that costs half a million dollars,” estimates Dr. Endo. And as he and his partners continue building on their work, more surgeons will bring iPad apps into the operating room, and more patients will experience safer, more successful operations. “Anytime I touch Apple products, I feel that dreams will come true,” says Dr. Endo. “It makes me proud to be a user of such fantastic products.”

The page also includes the “Life on iPad” video that first debuted at Apple’s iPad Air event in October, which also shows some of the many ways people are using the tablet. In fact, it features some of the same people Apple documented in the 6 stories.

This new marketing approach comes right after Apple launched its new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, and right before the holiday shopping season. That kicks off next weekend with Black Friday, the busiest 3 days of the year for most retailers.