Apple relaxing water damage restrictions for iPhone trade-ins this week


Do you have an old iPhone that has suffered light water damage, but still works just fine? Looking to trade it in towards the purchase of a newer model? Well up until now, you couldn’t do that at an Apple Store. But that might be changing soon.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, Apple will be relaxing its water damage restrictions for iPhone trade-ins this week. The site says that the trade-in value for handsets will no longer be affected by the device’s Liquid Contact Indicators…

9to5Mac’s Mike Beasley explains:

“This week’s changes to the program, however, will allow more customers to trade in their devices. However, the company isn’t going to start allowing seriously water-damaged phones for trade-in anytime soon. If there is evidence of liquid under the phone’s display or corrosion in the ports, the phone will still be ineligible for any trade-in value regardless of what the liquid contact indicator looks like.”

Note that although activated sensors will not impact value, Apple will continue to refuse devices that have obvious and acute water damage. These changes mostly relate to the moisture indicators inside devices that have proven to be very sensitive.

The new policy should open the door for a lot of folks, however, who were previously unable to trade-in their iPhones to Apple. And it will apply to retail Apple stores in both the United States and the United Kingdom when it goes live later this week.

Apple launched its trade-in [the iPhone Reuse and Recycling] program in the US back in August of this year, and then in the UK in October. It’s also preparing a trade-in program in India, but it’s a much different approach, involving the local dealers.