Apple Relaxes Warranty Policy Involving iPhone’s Liquid Contact Indicator

This is definitely a win for consumers. As you know, Apple places a small Liquid Contact Indicator inside the majority of their devices to identify whether or not the device has been subjected to liquid damage.

The reason for this is because water damage eliminates the consumer from being eligible for AppleCare. In other words, liquid damage isn’t covered under warranty.

Obviously directly submerging your iPhone in a body of water is a good reason for Apple to deny your claims, but what if your iPhone’s LCI triggered accidentally due to extreme humidity? What then?

In the past you would have been labeled as one who mishandles your iPhone, but it looks as if Apple is taking the sensible approach and relaxing its strict water damage policy. Take a look at their updated policy:

Note the highlighted portion in orange, which is a strict departure from the company’s former policy.

I’m sure the class action lawsuits they’ve had to endure in the past regarding this very matter didn’t slow Apple’s decision, but this is very good news for consumers, a fair move by Cupertino.

Have you ever had to make a water damage dispute with the Genius Bar? Was it legit, and how did it go?