Fantastical 2 updated with sound for notifications, badge options, and more

Fantastical 2.0.1

Fantastical 2, one of the apps that many of us agree is an absolute must have, has been updated with tons of improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations. If you have automatic updates enabled for your iOS device and you already own Fantastical 2, you may have already received the update. Otherwise, you can head over to the App Store to download it now.

Coming in at 16.3 MB, version 2.0.1 of Fantastical 2 adds sound to notifications, brings additional app icon badge options, and lends iPhone 4 users a performance boost. Those are among the many additional changes and fixes added in with version 2.0.1. Check inside for a rundown of the full change log.

Here is what you can expect to find after updating Fantastical 2 to version 2.0.1:

  • Fantastical 2 notifications now have a sound
  • Additional App Icon Badge options: Today’s Remaining Events, Today’s Due Reminders, and Incomplete Reminders
  • Adding a phone number as a location shows a call button in event details
  • Double-tapping a date picker switches between showing every minute and every five minutes
  • Added a “reminder” and “due” parameter to the URL handler. Example: fantastical2://parse?sentence=Buy%20milk&reminder=1&due=yyyy-MM-dd%20HH:mm
  • Additional parser improvements
  • Performance improvements for iPhone 4
  • Updated time zone database
  • Fixed a display issue with certain Asian languages
  • Fixed Dynamic Type not respecting large type settings from Accessibility
  • Fixed an issue where calendar colors could appear too dark or too light
  • Fixed an issue when editing events with a custom time zone
  • Fixed addresses in notes not opening in Google Maps when they should
  • Various fixes and improvements

As Sebastien pointed out in his review, as far as calendar apps go, “Fantastical is still the best out there.” For that reason, we think you’d be silly not to jump on the Fantastical’s $2.99 introductory price to celebrate its launch, which is 50% off of the real price.

Like Sebastien noted, Fantastical 2 isn’t just a rebrand of the original Fantastical with a fresh coat of paint. It’s basically a brand new app, and it’s ridiculously good at what it does.

Now how about that iPad version, Flexibits?