Wallpapers of the week: simplistic scratches

Wallpapers have the ability to truly change the look and feel of the iOS 7 operating system. As we discovered during our blurry phase, the entire system changes throughout with the transparencies. However, the multi-layered colors were the only visually stimulating item throughout the OS.

Using boxes, shadows, and textures is another way to enhance UI, but several of those key components were lost with Forstall’s iOS 6. There is a very delicate way to use these elements but still keep things iOS 7 compliant. This week we feature iPhone 5 wallpaper and SpringBoard specific wallpapers that utilize shadows, textures, and transparency to change the Lock screen and Home screen design in a creative way…


Today’s featured submission is from Svink, who is a graphic artist with a sizable portfolio. The “Scratch” wallpaper pack is designed primarily for the Lock screen, but there are two options for a matching Home screen. When first taking a look at the images, I thought they gave an almost jailbroken look to iOS 7. The translucent box around both the clock and “slide to unlock” Lock screen items add a nice touch to the otherwise simplistic design.

To keep up with Svink’s work visit his website, Deviant Art gallery, tumblr, and follow him on Twitter @Svink77. At these locations, he frequently releases themes, wallpapers, and other assorted digital paraphernalia.


Below, is the listing of his “Scratch” wallpaper pack. Tap the individual preview images to load the full resolution wallpaper. If you prefer, a ZIP file is an option and the fully customizable PSD is a great way to tweak this set to your liking by changing colors and layout. These wallpapers are 640 x 1136 for iPhone 5, but can be resized for iPhone 4.

Full set: ZIP

Customizable: PSD

ls-1 Scratch by Svink preview ls-2 Scratch by Svink preview ls-3 Scratch by Svink preview ls-4 Scratch by Svink preview ls-5 Scratch by Svink preview ls-6 Scratch by Svink preview sb-1 Scratch by Svink preview sb-2 Scratch by Svink preview


The Wallpapers of the Week exists via reader submissions. Make sure you take the time to come up with some excellent wallpapers and send them my way. Please make sure they are formatted for either iPhone or iPad, include two images, and your website or Twitter information. Send these over to me via Twitter @jim_gresham or embed them in an email to jim@idownloadblog.com.

What do you guys think?