MultiLS: Place Lock screen notifications on a hidden page

MultiLS 2

MultiLS is a brand new jailbreak tweak that just appeared on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak, which is a $0.99 purchase, allows its users to hide the notifications that would normally appear on the Lock screen.

An iOS 6 only tweak, MultiLS completely moves the entire Lock screen notification list off of the primary Lock screen. When you receive a new message while on the Lock screen, MultiLS will display a pulsating blue bar on the right-hand side of the screen. This glowing bar lets users know when new Lock screen notifications have arrived.

We’ve taken the initiative to create a video walkthrough showcasing MultiLS in action. Have a look inside for all of the details.

Once you receive new notifications, simply slide your finger from the right side of the screen towards the left. A list, one that’s similar to the normal Lock screen notifications list, will appear showcasing all of your hidden notifications.

The Lock screen notifications work just like they normally do. In other words, you can still slide to view in order to launch the app pertaining to the notification.

MultiLS Lock screen

If you like having Lock screen notifications, but you don’t necessarily want them to appear front and center on your Lock screen, give MultiLS a try. Be sure to watch our video walkthrough above showcasing the tweak, and let us know what you think about MultiLS in the comment section below.