Apple support site now allows customers to initiate screen-sharing

support screenshot

Apple has updated its support site this week with a new feature allowing users to initiate screen-sharing with AppleCare representatives when receiving Mac help via phone call. This option was previously reserved for reps only.

But enabling customers to initiate screen-sharing with a support tech will one, give them more control over their overall support experience, and two, help facilitate quicker, more accurate responses from Apple’s support staff…

9to5Mac, who was first to spot the change, reports:

“Customers have always been able to request screensharing, at which point the AppleCare representative would instruct them to download an application from Apple’s site that facilitates the connection. Now the download is listed directly on the support page. If a customer opts to use screensharing, the AppleCare rep must comply with their request whether they think it will help or not.”

Those who select the screen-sharing box will have to download a tiny, temporary app that will enabled screen-sharing to begin after a support call is initiated by Apple. You can also decline screen-sharing by not checking the box.

While there’s nothing groundbreaking here, this should ease customer fears of dealing with AppleCare over the phone due to difficulties explaining issues. With instant screen-sharing, they can quickly point out the problem to the tech.