Luxuria Superbia explores the joy of touch on your iPad

Luxuria SuperbiaConsidering how many endless runner, physics-based, and side-scrolling platformer games there are coming to the App Store every day, it is hard to believe that anything new and original is possible.

Luxuria Superbia is a visual abstract game that mixes music and touch to create a relaxing and zen-like experience. Unlock the colors and grow your garden with controlled strokes that turn a colorless world beautiful…

Players start by picking a flower from the garden and then heading down its tunneling entrance. The flowers start out colorless. It is your job to bring them to life so that they burst with brilliance.

To begin painting the flower, touch the petals inside the tunnel. To paint it, tap, slide, hold, and touch buds to add color. Each bud will only affect the petal it is associated with. The petals extend throughout the length of the tunnel. The more color you add to the flower, the faster your score will increase. The goal is to fill all of the petals with color, but not so fast that you don’t complete all three stages.

If you color the petals too quickly, it will “go over the edge” and your ability to continue painting it will end. You can control the speed of the colorization by tapping “cold” buds, which removes some color. You can also affect your score, and control the amount of color that is added to a flower by touching and holding the screen. The longer you hold down your finger on the screen, the larger the area of affect becomes, allowing you to trigger paint release on multiple buds at once.

Each flower has three stages. Control the amount of color that the flower has so that it stays bright, but not completely filled. In each stage, players keep the color flowing by performing different tasks. For example, in the second stage, you will tap the bouncing buds in order to make them explode. The colors will intensify until the whole flower is bursting with color. If you get through all stages, you will be rewarded with seeds that are used to color the garden. The more seeds you collect, the more colorful the garden is and the louder the birds will sing.

Luxuria Superbia is available for the iPad for $2.99. Download it in the App Store today.