Add a little fright to your iOS device with Silent Valley: Mystery Mansion

Silent Valley 1Around this time of year, many people celebrate Halloween by watching scary movies, making gory crafts, and playing spooky games. Oh, and eating orange-colored candy, too.

Silent Valley: Mystery Mansion is a hidden objects game from the company that delivers some of the best quality games in the genre, G5. Figure out what happens in this disturbing take of honeymoon horror…

Players take on the role of a new bride, searching for her husband who went missing during the first night of their honeymoon. The only clue that remains is his bloody shirt. Or is it? Search throughout the Silent Valley mansion to find useful items and pieces to puzzles that will help you find the missing husband. Using ancient Indian magic, conjure otherworldly characters that will answer your questions, but create news at the same time.

Silent Valley 2

The game’s plot is the driving force to completing the game. When you find the key to unlock the dresser drawer, what new mystery will be waiting for you? Will the restless ghosts point you in the right direction or send you down a terrifying path to your doom?

This game offers more than just hidden objects scenes of repetitive tapping on socks that are hidden under a bed. It combines point-and-click adventuring with multi-step puzzle solving, and more. The game features 47 hidden object scenes across five deeply integrated chapters, many with different goals to achieve. Plus, use your skills at puzzle solving in 18 brain teasing mini games and earn 10 achievements that post to Game Center.

Silent Valley 3

Players can choose between three different levels of difficulty – casual, advanced, and extreme. The harder difficulties offer less clues and hints, making your brain work harder to solve puzzles and unlock mysteries.

You can download the game for free and sample the first few scenes. After that, the full game can be downloaded through an in-app purchase. The full game normally costs $6.99 on the iPad and $4.99 on the iPhone. However, if you purchase by Nov. 1, you can get the iPad version for $4.99 and the iPhone version for $2.99. That is 30 percent off of the regular price.

Download the iPad or iPhone version in the App Store today and enjoy a frightening Halloween adventure.