Apple may have sold 15M (now old) iPads during the September quarter

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Normally, selling 170 million of anything is cause for headlines, but everyone isn’t Apple. When CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday the tech giant has sold 170 million iPads to date, analysts forecast sales of fifteen million tablets during the September quarter, at a minimum.

If correct, the predictions would top the fourteen million iPads sold during the same quarter of 2012. For Apple, the expectations could also counter the belief that demand for its tablet computers are slowing…

Timothy Acuri, analyst with Cowen and Company, told investors Wednesday he believes Cook’s comments means Apple sold around 15 million iPads during the September quarter, according to AppleInsider.

The projection follows Acuri’s forecast for 14.9 million units sold.

Maynard Um of Wells Fargo, gave investors just a slightly lower figure, projecting the iPad maker sold 14.9 million tablets during the quarter, an uptick from his forecast for 14.6 million during the September period.

Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets fell just behind, telling clients about an expected “modest downside” for his projected 14.8 million devices.

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Meanwhile, veteran Apple watcher Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes Tuesday’s iPad number could result in 14 million Apple tablets sold in the September quarter.

In an odd moment Tuesday, Apple criticized an IT blogger to pump up the iPad’s progress. The blogger’s 2010 quote that the iPad “is not going to revolutionize anything, it’s not going to replace netbooks” floated on a giant screen behind Apple’s boss during yesterday’s keynote.

“Who remembers netbooks?” Cook then asked the audience.

Turns out, the blogger, Bruce Berls, actually liked the tablet, according to Fast Company.

Analysts are awaiting for next Monday when Apple is expected to release its quarterly earnings report. Topping the numbers on everyone’s list is how many iPhones sold during the period.

For what it’s worth, Apple had said it sold a record 9 million handsets for the first three days the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s were available.