New report calls for iPad 6 with higher PPI, low-cost iMac and more in 2014


The highly regarded Ming-Chi Kuo sent out a research note this weekend, offering up a number of predictions regarding Apple’s future product plans. The KGI Securities analyst believes we’ll see major changes to the iPad, iMac and MacBook lines next year.

Kuo, who accurately nailed down several details on the iPhone 5s and 5c months ahead of their releases, says that he believes in 2014, Apple will release a new iPad with a higher PPI (pixels per inch), an ultra-slim 12-inch MacBook, and a lower-cost iMac…

MacRumors has the note:

“Contrary to speculation that next year’s iPad next year may come in a 12” form, or larger, we think it will not change from the current 9.7” format as we think a 12” iPad would not provide a good mobility experience given today’s technology limitations.

In light [of] advancing Oxide and a-Si technologies, the PPI of iPad 6, which we expect to come out at end-2014, will exceed that of 2013’s iPad 5 by 30-40%, which will offer more competent visuals.”

We’ve seen a flurry of reports in recent months claiming that Apple is working on a larger 12-inch to 13-inch iPad, with some even pointing to a 2014 release. But Kuo obviously disagrees here, as he’s calling for pixel density to go up, instead of display size.

He also touches on the iPad mini line, stating that he agrees with the narrative that Apple will launch a Retina version of its 7.9-inch tablet later this month. And unlike its larger sibling, there won’t be an increase in its pixel density in next year’s iteration.

iPad mini promo (Smart Cover, launching Safari)

As for the MacBook line, the analyst says we’ll see a new 12-inch version pop up next year, with an ultra-slim body and Retina display. The laptop will feature the portability of the current 11-inch model, with the productivity and performance of the 13-inch.

And finally, Kuo believes that in an effort to combat declining Mac sales, Apple will release a less expensive version of its iMac desktop computer, which was redesigned in late-2012 and just received a refresh. He didn’t offer up any pricing details though.

So is there any truth to any of this? It’s possible. As aforementioned, Kuo has a great track record in predicting Apple’s product plans. First up to bat is his claim that this year’s iPad mini will have a Retina display—we’re expecting an event on October 22.