Tower of Fortune 2 brings slot machine RPGs to iOS

Tower of Fortune 2 1What is the one thing you would love to see added to a typical role-playing adventure game? I already know what you are going to say. Gambling, right?

Tower of Fortune 2 (ToF2) makes your dreams come true in this sequel of adventure gaming based on a roll of the dice, or actually a pull of the slot machine arm…

Similarly to the game’s predecessor, in ToF2, players go on an epic journey to the top of a treacherous tower, fighting monsters and demons along the way. Like the original, there are multiple endings. Only in the sequel, there are nine endings instead of three.

Tower of Fortune 2 3

Players must trek up to the top of the evil tower to save the hero’s daughter. Starting at the bottom level, you will spin the wheel to see what fate has dealt you. After you have defeated the enemy by taking a few spins with the slot machine and using the attacks and powers that appear, you will be able to spin for your reward.

Use the winnings to pay to unlock the different levels of the tower and then pay to enter the gate. Once inside, you will fight another enemy by spinning the slot machine.

In the sequel, players explore each level by spinning the wheel. You may set up camp, eat some food, or have a quick romp with a few bad guys. The slot decides your actions. After a bit of exploration, players will come across the level’s mini boss or boss. The only way to get to the next section of the tower is to defeat that level’s bosses.

Tower of Fortune 2 2

The possible outcomes of a spin during battle include physical attacks against the enemy, a rage charge, physical attacks against you, and magic stunning attacks.

If you lose a fight, you lose your life. There is no respin on death. You will be sent back to the beginning of the adventure and must start over. Luckily, you won’t have to pay to unlock new gates, but you will still have to fight the bosses on each level again in order to make it to the top of the tower.

Although its predecessor is free to download, Tower of Fortune 2 costs $1.99. With the additional endings, new skills to upgrade, additional adventures, and the new tavern where you can play mini games for unique rewards, it is no wonder that Tower of Fortune 2 is not free. This game is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

Did you play Tower of Fortune? What other slot-machine style RPGs have you played. I like Dungeon Plunder.