Sumhold minimizes your iPhone calculations and looks great too

Sumhold 1

I’ve always wondered why anyone makes a calculator app for the iPhone when the native one works just fine and includes so many features. Sure an advanced scientific calculator would be a real benefit, but for the most part, a calculator is a calculator. Right?

Sumhold is a simple calculator app that actually benefits the user because of its minimalistic nature. You can’t do much with it, but what you can do is fast, convenient, and very good looking…

The app only allows you to perform simple mathematical equations. You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It is possible to calculate strings of equations, but be sure to know what the order of operation is before you get started.

Begin by entering an equation. For example, add 8.2 and six. Then, divide by two minus five. Then, multiply by seven. As you type in the numbers into the calculation bar, the total will appear in the equation window. The app will automatically calculate as you type. The numbers are stored as you continue adding them so you won’t lose your place while calculating a bunch of numbers.

Sumhold 2

If you want to save one number that you’ve calculated, swipe downward. This will add the current result to a separate section of the equation window. So, if you wanted to use the current equation result within a new equation, swipe the result number downward and it will be stored as a tab. Then, tap the number when you want to inject it into the new equation. For example, if you were to multiply five times five, the resulting number 25 could be stored as a tab. Then, a new equation of seven plus three times four minus the above-stored number (25) would give you the answer 15.

Numbers can quickly and easily be deleted from an equation by tapping the delete button at the bottom of the screen. However, an entire equation could also easily be removed by tapping the “X” at the top right of the screen, across from the equation bar.

What makes this app stand out is its simplicity. I often find myself at a store, trying to figure out how many yards of something I need, or how much it would cost to purchase individual sheets of paper versus a whole tablet. The buttons are bright and big and easy to find. There are only a handful of equations you can perform at any given time. Its simplicity is what makes it important.

Sumhold 3

Sure, you won’t be able to get through college-level algebra with this app, but most of us already know that, once you get out of school, you don’t usually need those complex math equations. With this app, you can find out how many gallons of gas it will take you to get 400 miles without bogging you down with all those square roots, confusing memory storage buttons, and factorials.

Sumhold is available for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.