Bunny Bonker reinvents whack-a-mole for a more modern sensibility

Bunny Bonker 1I know I’m going to get razzed by some of our readers for spotlighting this app today. It is super cutesy, based on a Chuck-E-Cheese game, and features a whistle-performed indie song that makes you think of an Amazon Kindle commercial.

But, mark my words, Bunny Bonker is challenging and fun and at least half of you will thank me for telling you about it…

Bunny Bonker is a fast-paced tapping game that requires speedy reflexes and quick reactions. Similar to the traditional whack-a-mole games that you played in pizzerias as a kid, your job is to bonk the bunnies out of their minds. You have a limited amount of time to earn a certain number of points in order to move on to the next level.

These bunnies are tougher than any boring old mole. They are dressed in fancy costumes, holding cans of beans, and flying space ships. Tapping a bunny once will cause his hat to fly off his head. Tap a second time to toss away that fresh fish he is holding, and then tap the fish to earn extra points. These rascally rabbits will earn you more points the more taps you get before they slink back into their hole.

There are three different worlds that are beautifully designed. In fact the thing that drew me to this funny little game in the first place was the artistic imagery.

Although the rules are simple, there is much more to this game than just bonking bunnies. At any given time, you will be tapping eggs that bunnies are holding, then tapping the eggs to release chicks, and then tapping the chicks for more points. Some bunnies are heavily armored and they take extra taps to bonk. Those efforts will yield you gems that produce big points.

There are special power ups that will help you earn additional points. Grab a magnet to pull everything on the screen into one spot for easy tapping. Grab an ice bomb to freeze everything on the screen for a few seconds. Grab a clock to earn a few more seconds of game time.

There are 30 levels across the three beautiful worlds, plus a bonus pie saving level. In the bonus level, you must tap the pies that were stolen by a naughty bunny before he gets a chance to run them over and ruin them.

Bunny Bonker is on sale for free for a limited time. It is regularly priced at $1.99. Download it for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the App Store today.