Graphite iPhone 5S rear shell tipped in new HD vid?

iPhones (iPhone 5, graphite gold iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C)

So, just a few days ago we heard about a possible new iPhone 5S color: graphite. Suspiciously enough, we’ve seen little else since. This video changes all that. Introducing the purported graphite iPhone 5S rear shell (bonus: two gold iPhone 5S videos, iPhone 5C sneak peek)…

Looks good, too!

Jonathan from TLDToday will take it from here.

I’m liking it a lot – looks more stylish than the black iPhone 5 yet equally stealthy.

iPhones (black iPhone 5, graphite iPhone 5S)

And here are two more videos with gold one (via 9to5Mac).

And the controversial iPhone 5C, from six days ago.

So, what do you think?

Do you prefer the graphite styling over the champagnepardon megold one?

Top, left to right: black iPhone 5, graphite iPhone 5S, gold iPhone 5S, white iPhone 5C.