Rumor: iPhone 5C to come in at least 4 colors, graphite iPhone 5S shell shown

iPhone 5S (graphite)

More details are trickling in regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S revision and a brand new plastic iPhone 5C. An interesting confirmation concerning the devices’s rumored colors has come to light Monday, independently via both a new batch of photographs that purportedly depict the iPhone 5S chassis and a post on the popular Chinese micro-blogging site.

Not only will the iPhone 5S be allegedly provided in the controversial new gold/champagne variant, but also in the stylish graphite finish – a first for the iPhone. As for the iPhone 5C, expect that device to be offered in at least four different colors, among them a deep greenish blue color…

According to a picture an unnamed source posted to Pingguohui,’s news channel dedicated to Apple, the entry-level iPhone 5C will come in four polycarbonate plastic chassis variants: green, blue, white and pink.

These images are in line with a June report by the Japanese blog Macotakara which first asserted the iPhone 5C should borrow the color palette of the iPhone 4 bumpers, including a bright orange variant.

As for the the iPhone 5S, that device should be available in two editions, black and gold/black, the poster wrote. Indeed, blogger Sonny Dickson has already shared on his blog a set of photos depicting this new graphite iPhone 5S flavor, pictured in this post.

iPhone 5S (graphite, gold, Sonny Dickson 001)
A rumored gold iPhone 5S (left) next to a graphite variant (right)

He claims to have seen the iPhone 5S shells in four colors thus far: gold, slate, white with silver trim and now “a grey or graphite color with a black trim”. Sonny’s post contains at least a dozen additional high-quality images so check it out for more awesomeness.

Another piece of evidence: a pic by repair shop Mendmyi that apparently shows the iPhone 5S’s graphite/champagne volume/mute buttons next to their slate and silver counterparts from the iPhone 5.

iPhone5S buttons (Modmyi 001)

Perhaps surprisingly enough, the repair shop claims that Apple may be planning to offer the iPhone 5S only in two basic color options: the gold/champagne and black/graphite.

Remember, Apple currently offers the iPhone 5 in just two variants: the white/silver and black/slate combos. If the rumors are true, Apple should formally announce the iPhone 5S/5C at an upcoming September 10 media event, though the company has yet to send out invites.

So, do you like the graphite iPhone 5S look?

It reminds you a bit of the original iPhone, no?