New Parallels Access app lets you remotely run Mac or PC apps on your iPad

Parallels Access 1.0 for iOS (teaser 001)

Virtualization software maker Parallels on Tuesday launched Parallels Access, an iPad app and a subscription-based cloud service that usher in a new era of mobile productivity. Parallels’ novel solution basically applifies your desktop applications on Windows and Mac machines, letting you access them remotely on your iPad or iPad mini as if they were made for the iPad, down to the native iOS gestures and multi-touch interface.

Not only can you stream your desktop productivity applications to your tablet, but also all your video from Mac or PC onto your iPad. Check it out in action right after the break…

You can tap, swipe to scroll, pinch and use other familiar iPad gestures with non-touch optimized desktop apps such as Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Internet Explorer, Adobe Photoshop and many other.

And if you have a low-bandwidth connection, Parallels Access holds it so you can keep on working with fewer interruptions. And when you need precise control, just tap and hold to use the magnifying glass.

Another remarkable feat: you can copy and paste from your desktop apps to your iPad apps – how cool is that?

Here’s the promo clip.

Another noteworthy feature: if a Mac user also runs Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac, then Parallels Access will also applify all of its Windows virtual machines and apps so they work like they were made for iPad.

Here are the key features:

• Get your work done
Be productive wherever you have an Internet connection, all from your iPad. Use your Mac or PC desktop applications, along with complete access to all the data you have on your desktop computer.
• Parallels Access App Launcher
Tap to start any desktop application, PC or Mac, as if it were an iPad app.
• Scroll and navigate seamlessly
Use the same familiar iPad gestures you know and like — swipe with one finger to scroll, tap to click, pinch to zoom in or zoom out content on the screen — but now those gestures work in any Mac of PC application.
• Do More with Fewer Interruptions
Breakthrough technology lets you use any application on your Mac or PC with reliable performance that makes slow networks usable and fast networks soar.
• App Switcher
Tap to switch between multiple applications and windows with ease.
• SmartTap and Magnifying Glass
Don’t fumble: tap with precision using the iPad magnifying glass or SmartTap that pinpoints where you want to click.
• iPad native select and drag in any Mac or PC application
Select text or graphics with one finger, and easily drag and drop it to where you want it to be.
• iPad native copy and paste to and from any Mac or PC application
Copy and paste between your applications using familiar iPad copy and paste feature. Even copy and paste between your desktop applications and iPad applications!
• Full screen applications
Maximize your desktop applications on your iPad. Your Mac or PC applications fill the entire iPad screen, so it’s easy to get stuff done.
• Connect to Mac or PC
Connect to as many computers as you need — a business computer at work or your personal computer at home. Access your computers from any location via 3G/4G/LTE or WiFi connection.

Support of devices in addition to the iPad is in development.

To learn more about Parallels Access, check out the press release and the web page.

Parallels Access is now available on the App Store, free of charge.

To use it, however, a $79.99 annual subscription is required for each Mac or PC being accessed. You’ll also need the Mac Agent, available with a 14-day free trial. The PC Agent is currently in beta and is available at no charge during the beta period.

Parallels Access supports the iPad 2/3/4 and iPad mini and requires a Mac running OS X Lion 10.7 or later or a PC running Windows 7 or later.