Joy of Tech has hilarious ideas for new iPhones

Joy of Tech has weighed in on the iPhone 5S/5C memes. As per usual with their illustrations, the comic treads the fine line between poking fun and being downright hilarious. My favorite is their take on the rumored iPhone 5S in gold/champagne color: make it so the gold peels off revealing a layer of chocolate.

Oh, and the box should include the iGoose, a golden case that lays a golden iPhone and lets you recharge it by “stuffing the phone back up the goose’s butt”.

I’d hate spoil the fun for you prospective buyers so jump past the fold for the full table…

Here it is, courtesy of Joy of Tech.

Joy of Tech (new iPhones)

Remember just a few weeks ago when the Internet thought all the talk of a plastic iPhone and a gold iPhone 5S colorway was just crazypants analysts speculating?

To all you Doubting Thomas’s out there, welcome to the new Apple.

September 10 can’t come soon enough.

According to iDB’s non-scientific poll of its readers, more than one out of each three respondents would consider a gold color option when upgrading to an iPhone 5S.