Popular todo list app Finish receives big 2.0 update

finish screenshot

Back in January of this year, we reviewed Finish, a timeframe-focused todo list app that promised to help users “overcome the clutches of procrastination.” We liked it for its UI design and unique features, and it even went on to win an Apple Design Award.

Well today, the app gets even better with a major 2.0 update. The new version of Finish includes design improvements and a number of new features such as task-by-task time setting, optional ‘Bother Me’ reminders, and real-life rewards for completing tasks…

Here’s the big 2.0 change log:

  • Task-by-task time setting
  • Optional ‘Bother Me’ reminders – We’ll remind you at the time you set, and then bother you every hour until you finish the task. It takes solving procrastination to a whole new level.
  • Task Notes – you can now add notes to any task.
  • Major design improvements – We’ve improved both visual and interaction designs across the board. Every corner of the app is more beautiful, more polished, and smoother than ever.
  • Rewards – As you complete your tasks, you’ll have the option to earn free, real-life rewards.
  • Quick-add for tasks – Simply tap and hold the + button, and you’ll instantly be able to type in a task.
  • Super duper task sharing – You can now share tasks via email, SMS/iMessage, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Full task restore abilities – Simply tap on any task in the Finished Tasks list to restore it to your tasks.
  • Data export – Email yourself or anyone else a backup of all your tasks, in just a few taps!

My favorite change by far is the new ‘Bother Me’ reminder option. I’m admittedly a huge procrastinator, and setting up a task that I’ll get an alert for in a week isn’t going to change that. Getting annoyed by frequent alarms until I complete a task, however, might.

Another new feature I’m excited about is Rewards. Seriously, you can get real-life rewards for completing your tasks. I haven’t seen one myself yet, but the developers say they could be anything such as productivity tools, snacks, gift cards, discounts, and more.

I still have a lot of playing around to do with the update, but I can say now that it’s worth checking out if you haven’t already. For those interested, you can find the Finish todo list app for the iPhone, in the App Store for $0.99.