Photos of alleged ‘iPhone 5C’ volume buttons hit the web

5c volumebuttons2

Though we’re fairly confident that Apple will be holding an event on Tuesday, September 10 to unveil a new iPhone, we’re still not exactly sure what it will present. Safe money is on a new iPhone model, the iPhone 5S, but what else?

It’s starting to seem more and more likely that the 5S will share the stage with a lower cost, plastic handset next month. We’ve seen dozens of leaked parts corroborating the theory over the summer, and today, we’re adding a few more…

Apple enthusiast Sonny Dickson has posted (via MacRumors) a number of photos of volume buttons believed to belong to the plastic ‘iPhone 5C.‘ As with previous part leaks, the buttons are available in a variety of different, bright colors.

5c volumebuttons1

Note the pill-shaped button design, which is very different from the round volume buttons found in the iPhone 5. These also match up with previous component leaks, which all had elongated openings on their sides for volume buttons.

This is the part where we usually say something like, “where there’s this much smoke, there’s usually fire.” And barring another teardrop case fiasco happening, it seems very likely that Apple has a colorful plastic handset in the pipeline.

In addition to a polycarbonate shell, and various colorways, the budget iPhone is believed to share design aspects with both the iPhone 5 and original iPod touch, with a retail price around $300. Hopefully we’ll find out more details next month.