Apps of the week: MixBit, Aero, Gleamer, and more

iPhone 5 appsDays are getting shorter. The hot summer has been anything but hot this month, at least in my neck of the woods. It makes it hard for me to want to stay inside and play with my iPad. It does not however stop me from bringing games with me on my iPhone for a quick game while waiting for friends at my local bar.

If you are feeling creative, want to keep track of the weather, or need a game to pass the time, we’ve got a list of apps to keep you happy this weekend…


Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 7.27.31 AM

The popular security app has recently received a major update that includes lots of new features. To celebrate the retirement of the Dropbox API in version 3, 1Password is on sale for more than 50 percent off. The update added browser improvements that look good and work great. You can now copy to the Share menu clipboard so you can copy the current URL. The user interface has been updated with animations and more. You can share items through messages or email. 1Password also comes with its own browser, so you don’t even have to leave the security app in order to visit the sites on your list. This app is on sale for $7.99 for a limited time.



The new iOS 7 design may be a big hit with developers, but not everyone is on the path to turning to flat and white for their look. This game goes the opposite with a black background and glowing objects. It mixes a bit of puzzle challenge with old-school platform gameplay. The Gleamer collects stars, bouncing off of walls as it goes. The little yellow box will pick up speed, making it harder to control. Keep out of the way of the red platforms or you’ll lose everything. With 50 different puzzles, you won’t be able to rest until all of the stars are in your collection. This game is available for $0.99.


Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 7.29.41 AM

Mini movies are the new YouTube video. In fact, YouTube’s co-founders recently launched their own mini moviemaker that lets you record 16-second clips and then edit them together to make longer videos. A 16-second cut is about 11 seconds longer than any Michael Bay movie. After you’ve edited your clips, you can upload them to the MixBit website and share them with others. You can even use someone else’s clips, or let others use yours, to make their own mini movie. This app is available for free.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar


Fans of the Ultima series have been waiting a long time for a new installment in the series. While there will be plenty of angry gamers complaining about EA’s decision to make the game free-to-play, it won’t stop it from becoming hugely popular. This adventure game takes you the World of Britannia and lets you quest through hundreds of hours of solo gameplay and gives you the chance to defeat enemies in cooperative dungeons. This game is available for free.


Aero 1

Weather apps that feature a flat, iOS 7 design are all the rage. More than just showing off a good look, an app has to be functional and accurate, as well. Not only does Aero let you see the weather in your current location, you can add an unlimited number of other cities to your list. Plus, you can check the hourly forecast for the next two days and see a pleasant animation for the current conditions. The best part is that Aero features a badge notification that shows you the current temperature so you don’t even have to open it. This app is available for $0.99.

T-Shirt Design – Snaptee

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 7.31.29 AM

Are you tired of showing up at a party wearing the same t-shirt as someone else? What you wear says a lot about who you are. Nothing is more mortifying than looking unoriginal. This app lets you design your own t-shirt using images that you upload and add to premade templates. You can even use Instagram images. Snaptee will turn your logo into a t-shirt and send it to your for only $19.99 each. You can even sell your design through Snaptee for a 10 percent commission. This app is available for free.

Reiner Knizia’s Kaleidoscope

Reiner Knizia is an A-list celebrity in the board game world. Anything with his name on it is likely to be a winner. With titles like Samurai, Tigris and Euphrates, and Ra under his belt, it is easy to see why the board game community admires him. Kaleidoscope is the newest iOS game with his name attached to it. Players match up similar symbols in a tranquil atmosphere that is part matching game, part puzzle game. Match all of the symbols on the board to move on. Just make sure you are using the right combinations or you’ll be left with blocks and symbols that don’t match. This game is available for $0.99.