1Password 4 for iOS discounted by more than 50 percent ahead of Dropbox API changes

1Password 4.2 for iOS (Go & Fill Logins in 1Browser on iPad)

Dropbox retiring its legacy API in favor of a next-generation one on September 1 is inevitably going to break apps which plan to continue syncing data through the popular cloud storage service using the legacy API.

Among them: AgileBits’ 1Password 3 for iOS and Mac. Now, this rather useful password management utility has been using Dropbox to sync its secure database across devices for ages.

Users on 1Password 4 are on the safe side because the app already uses the latest version of the Dropbox API so it’ll continue to sync with Dropbox just fine. If you’re on 1Password version 3.x and sync with Dropbox, however, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version to prevent syncing issues come September 1, or switch to Wi-Fi sync.

So, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to the latest version, now’s a good time because AgileBits has just sweetened the deal by discounting 1Password 4 by more than 50 percent, for a limited time…

According to a post over at the AgileBits blog, 1Password 3 iOS users can also enable Wi-Fi sync with 1Password 3 for Mac, provided each device is on the same local network.

No, AgileBits won’t be updating version 3 with the new Dropbox API because they are a small team and want to “focus our development efforts on making the current versions of 1Password even better”.

Bear in mind that previous versions of 1Password 3 for iOS are no longer on the App Store since 1Password 4 landed last December, to avoid confusion. “Apps removed from sale can no longer be updated,” the team noted.

1Password for iOS (teaser 004)

The 1Password 4 apps for iOS/Mac/Windows plus browser extensions are used to manage your autofill web forms, notes and passwords and sync your private (and encrypted) data through Dropbox or iCloud. With 1Password, you only have to memorize the master password to unlock your database of saved entries.

The iOS app features a built-in browser so you can securely open web sites like PayPal, eBay or Amazon while enjoying automatic password filling/creation.

The new 1Password 4, a universal binary supporting all form-factor iOS devices natively, is now $7.99, way down from its usual asking price of $17.99 and its lowest price to date.

The sale will last from today until Friday, August 16.