1Password 4 lands in the App Store

As promised, AgileBits has released 1Password 4 for the iPhone and iPad today. The update to the popular password-keeper is actually an all-new app, with several improvements over its predecessor like a revamped UI, new features and more. Plus, AgileBits is offering a steep discount on the new software for a limited time. More details after the break…

The first thing you’ll notice about the new 1Password is the lockscreen — it’s different. AgileBits has done away with the pin-code lock, and has replaced it with a master password, much like the Mac app. Once you’re in, you’ll discover other UI changes as well, such as the redesigned toolbar. In fact, the whole app looks better and feels more organized.

As far as features go, old 1Password users will be happy to see that the in-app browser has also been redone. It’s faster and much more capable than the previous version, and it’s actually worth trying. Let 1Password automatically fill in credit card and address information for you as you pay your bills, or do your online shopping, right from inside the app.

Just like before, the new 1Password can generate unique passwords for each site and service you use, and store the data using military grade 256-bit AES protection. The app can also store and protect other data too, like credit card and banking information. And bonus, it now supports iCloud, as well as Dropbox syncing across all iOS and Mac apps.

1Password has always been a staple in the password-keeping space, and version 4 reiterates that. If you’d like to try it out, just follow this link to the App Store. Now, I have some good news and some bad news about pricing. The good news is, it’s on sale right now for $7.99 (it’s normally $17.99). The bad news is, even previous owners have to pay for it.

What do you think about the new 1Password app?