AgileBits teases 1Password 4 for iOS, coming December 13

In an epic Hollywood fashion, AgileBeats, the makers of the 1Password utility, today teased an upcoming major update to its iOS client. “1Password 4 for iOS is coming”, the company proclaims but doesn’t provide much in way of details. A blog post only says the app’s “coming soon”, but the trailer offers the more specific launch date: this coming Thursday, December 13.

1Password for the Mac ( a $50 value), iPhone (a $7 value) and iPhone/iPad (a $10 download) take the pain out of remembering passwords for various services by storing your existing passwords in a centralized, secure database. The software also lets you create strong passwords and effortlessly fill in forms by integrating with your web browser…

I must say, AgileBits’ iOS app has been lacking in terms of features so far. True, part of that is due to Apple’s strict guidelines limiting how much poking around the system such a program can do.

I use 1Password on the Mac, but have never gotten around to becoming a fan of its iOS counterpart.

That said, I’m certainly glad the team is working on a brand new version.

From YouTube description:

An unforgettable journey. An epic battle. A fellowship strengthened. Ancient truths protected by the one password you need to remember.

That’s a novel way to sell a piece of software.

Do you use 1Password to protect your sensitive information?