Vevo Apple TV app reportedly in the works

Vevo HD 2.4 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Specialized publication AdAge is out with a new report which asserts – based on chit-chats with the obligatory “people familiar with the matter” – that Apple and the Vevo music website (no, I’m not capitalizing the name) have teamed up on providing the official app for the Apple TV to stream music videos 24/7 over the Internet. Akin to the Vevo TV feature found in Vevo’s existing iPhone and iPad programs, the Apple TV application would offer non-stop streaming of music videos from Vevo’s content partners.

Such a piece of software has the potential to effectively turn your $99 set-top box into the MTV jukebox for the 21st century. Keep in mind Vevo controls a catalog of 75,000 music videos from more than 21,000 artists…

AdAge has the story:

Cord-cutting millennials will soon have a new way to quench their insatiable thirst for ’90s nostalgia. Music video website Vevo is developing an app for Apple TV that will offer up its 24-7 music video channel, according to people familiar with the matter.

The publication is likely referring to Vevo TV, the company’s 24/7 linear music video streaming ala MTV which launched in March 2013.

Vevo TV is currently available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, in addition to Roku, BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet and Xbox Live.

Adidas, McDonald’s, Red Bull and State Farm are all currently running ads on Vevo TV. The Apple TV app will allow the startup “to sell ads made specifically for televisions,” AdAge reports.

The Vevo service was established in December 2009 as a joint venture music video website operated by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Google and Abu Dhabi Media.

Music videos on Vevo are syndicated across the web, with Google and Vevo sharing the advertising revenue and Google’s YouTube hosting Vevo channels.

Just two months ago, Apple brought us the HBO Go and WatchESPN live video streaming apps for cable subscribers who own an Apple TV.

Go ahead and download the free Vevo and Vevo HD apps from the App Store to check out why all the fuss about Vevo TV.

I can tell you Vevo is my favorite thingie when hosting parties: I just hook up my iPad to a 50-inch plasma TV, fire up Vevo TV and let those music videos roll all night long.

Picture top of post: Vevo TV in the Vevo HD iPad app.