Microsoft lures iCloud users with 15GB free SkyDrive storage upgrade

SkyDrive Pro 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)SkyDrive Pro 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

Oh Microsoft, you’re so cunning. Taking advantage of the impending iCloud storage downgrade, the Windows maker has tweeted out a tempting offer meant to promote its SkyDrive cloud storage service whilst luring customers away from Apple’s iCloud.

If you are a former MobileMe member and have received an email from Apple announcing your complimentary iCloud storage is expiring soon, just forward it to to claim your fifteen gigabytes of SkyDrive storage, free for a year.

You should take advantage of the promo because Microsoft otherwise sells an additional twenty gigabytes of SkyDrive storage for ten bucks a year so that’s nearly ten bucks saved right off the bat…

Here’s Microsoft’s tweet.

The wording could have been better, by the way: MobileMe retired years ago. I bet you wish Apple downgraded you or that you didn’t delete the downgrade email.

So I went and did just that.  Within half an hour, Microsoft emailed me a code to activate my additional 15GB of free SkyDrive storage here. Just click Manage Storage on the bottom left and enter your code.

Some fine print: Voucher valid for an extra 15 GB of free SkyDrive storage for one year. Voucher must be redeemed by May 31, 2014. 15 GB storage expires one year from voucher redemption. Limit: One voucher per person. Single use only. The voucher is non-transferable.

Former MobileMe members who moved to iCloud have received a 20GB complimentary storage upgrade from Apple, now scheduled to expire on September 30, 2013.

“When it expires, your iCloud storage will be automatically adjusted to the free 5 GB plan,” Apple warns. This means your iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud and iCloud Mail may temporarily stop working should you exceed your iCloud storage plan after the September 30 cut-off date.

In case you’re wondering, paid SkyDrive storage upgrades are available in 20/50/100GB increments priced at $10/$25/$50 a year.

SkyDrive storage plans

By comparison, Apple will sell you iCloud storage upgrades in 10/20/50GB buckets for $20/$40/$100 a year. This means you’ll soon have to decide whether to drop $40 a year on a 20GB iCloud storage upgrade or bring your data usage down by around fifteen gigabytes.

Unlike SkyDrive, you can’t use the iCloud web interface to freely upload files and share them with anyone. Instead, your iCloud allowance counts against email messages, iOS device backups, app data and documents, Camera roll backups and more.

A free iCloud account comes with five gigabytes of storage versus seven gigabytes of free storage for new SkyDrive users and, for one year, an additional three gigabytes of free storage to students. Better yet, people who signed up to SkyDrive prior to April 22, 2012 could have opted-in for a limited time offer of 25GB of free storage upgrade.

Microsoft has recently updated the SkyDrive iOS client with full-resolution photos, offline access and improved support for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini devices. In addition, the Redmond giant recently released a brand new SkyDrive Pro iOS app for Office 35 subscribers.